Love is Love. Families are Families.

We embrace all families.

We value all families with an understanding of the love and commitment it takes to make one. We know that people who make the decision to start a family do so because they want to build a future for themselves and their children, to pass on their own values; but it all starts with love. At KFI, we work with women and men; straight, gay, married, unmarried, partnered or single, to translate the love they feel into the family they each desire. We’ve been leading the way in Kentucky and Southern Indiana since we were founded, and we are encouraged and excited to be a part of the changes, both social and technological, that have made modern family building possible for ALL people to achieve the dream of parenthood.

The Question is Not “IF.” It’s “HOW.”

– In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

– Reciprocal IVF

– Donor Sperm

– Donor Eggs

– Gestational Carriers

Financial Options.

We believe that finances shouldn’t prevent anyone from fulfilling their dream to have or expand a family. We offer you the latest advancements in fertility treatment in a cost-efficient manner. We are contracted with most major insurance carriers and provide patient financing options. 

Make your family dream come true.