Emotional Support

Our caring staff at the Kentucky Fertility Institute understands that not being able to conceive on your own and undergoing fertility treatments can be stressful. Our experienced and compassionate staff is here to assist you by providing you the emotional support and resources you might need along the way. We understand that each patient and couple reacts to stress differently.

With each step of the process there are physical, emotional and financial stressors that can become magnified should there be any setbacks or disappointments. Oftentimes, feelings of anxiety, frustration, guilt and, sometimes, insecurity can be experienced. These feelings are perfectly normal and commonly felt by patients and couples struggling with infertility or undergoing fertility treatment. Sharing your feelings with someone including your partner, a family member or a friend can help to ease emotional stress. Fertility problems can strain even the best relationships. Be sure to:

  • Not assign blame or lash out in anger against your partner
  • Listen to your partner and share your feelings; communication is very important
  • Set goals as a couple regarding how far you are willing to go with your treatment plan
  • Discuss your financial and emotional limits associated with treatment

In some situations, we may recommend that you seek the support of a dedicated counselor or therapist that specializes in fertility care. We also encourage all of our patients and couples dealing with fertility issues to join local support groups. These support groups can help keep you from feeling alone as you draw from the experiences of others.

If you’ve been through a long period of treatment, consider taking a break to think things over. Just a month off can help relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling. You might also use this time to re-evaluate your goals or agree on a date to stop treatment. Many patients and couples find that setting a deadline may help to regain a sense of control. It can also give you a fresh outlook on other alternatives including adoption.

No matter what kind of support you need, the Kentucky Fertility Institute is here for you and will provide you with the emotional support and any resources you might need.